1. How does it work?
We have a large number of people in our network clicking on a told link in exchange for cell phone credits or other rewards. There is no guarantee that those users will interact with your content, but that is not the point. The point is that to drastically improve the ranking of your song, video or/and website. The higher ranking you have, the more people will find your content, interact and maybe even buy your product or song.

2. Can I split my order, let’s say 50k views into 2 (so 25k each) videos?
Yes. Make sure to indicate this clearly in the “instructions to seller” upon purchase.

3. How long time does it take to get what I ordered?
It depends on how big your order is. Usually 7-14 days for small orders, and 30-60 days for large orders. If you haven’t seen any results within 30 days, you may contact our support for further assistance.

4. What happens if you can not deliver the amount that I ordered?
You will have a 100% refund if we cannot deliver the amount that you ordered within 90 days. Only valid for views and plays. If some likes, followers etc will unlike/unfollow after a while we can not offer money back, as it is not within our control.

5. I ordered 50,000 views but I got a lot more, that’s not what I wanted!?
You are wrong, that’s exactly what you wanted! The point is to get as many viewers as possible, so if you get some extra it means that you are lucky.

6. Can you provide me views, plays, followers etc from a specific location?
Usually, No. The traffic you get is worldwide.

7. Can I really go viral if I use your service?
Yes. The more you buy, the higher chance of going viral you will have.

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