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Welcome to The Viral Marketeers!
A global leader in Social Media Marketing with staff all over the world. We have served thousands of musicians, businesses and bloggers. When someone wants help with Social Media Marketing, they come to us.

1. Outstanding results
2. Cheap
3. Simple
4. Personal support, and after purchase support.

This is how our service works:
We have a large number of people in our network clicking on a told link in exchange for cell phone credits. This will drastically improve the ranking of your song, video or/and website.The higher ranking you have, the more people will find your content, interact and maybe even buy your product or song.

Very important ranking facts:
If you do not show up on search results on the first page, no one will ever find you randomly just by searching.
It’s really seldom that a person even clicks on any other option than the top 5 results on his/her search.
Other users with similar content on your keywords are your “enemies”.
One of the only few ways to get higher position than them in the ranking is to buy views, likes, comments etc.

Very important psychological facts:
Let’s say a user on YouTube have searched for “Super Bananas”. The search result gives him/her a few options to chose from. Any of the options have about the same content, and the only difference is:

1st video has 1,5 Million views and lots of likes.
2nd video has 1,500 views and very few likes.
99% of all human beings would press the video with most views and likes. No matter where, how or who viewed the video.
Just pure statistics.
This is by far the cheapest and easiest way to market your video or song.

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